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Scholarship Programmes

Education is one of the basic needs that every individual on this planet should receive.

 Education is one of the basic needs that every individual on this planet should receive. No child deserves to be deprived of this freedom to study and read whatever he/she wants to. Education is a powerful tool that can break poverty and change social barriers. It is very important to support every child’s survival, growth, and development in their educational system.

So, we at Nabatara Foundation have decided to help these children attain the right education and also help them to carry forward their dreams of becoming independent adults. Our NGO has launched a scholarship programme for those students who have scored decent marks and performed really well in the overall field but due to their financial condition, they are not able to continue the further studies.

Hence our continuous effort is to identify those students who have just received brilliant marks in their 10th and 12th board results and we take care of the expenses that are related to their higher education.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to severe crises in every part of the state and that has caused massive problems in the conventional educational structure. Children have missed out on face-to-face activities they were used to at their school and the majority of them lost touch of the daily dose of education they received.

To help the underprivileged students who cannot attend online classes and cannot use the internet to enhance their overall education, we have also offered them Android phones. Yes! Since the plan to help students go back to their schools has received setbacks, we want to ensure that none of them should stay away from education for so long. That’s why our volunteers are helping children from BPL families and even orphans to get all the resources required to study continuously.

You can see that we at Nabatara NGO are working round the clock for the welfare and upliftment of these children in the near future. If you also want to help these children then make sure to submit a small donation from your part and allow us to help more children. Visit to learn more about our activities all over the state.

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