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The Way To A Shining Future For Those Who Deserve

Blessings of the Almighty can come in different ways to different people in life. Only a few people get the chance to study abroad or some get a sudden chance to shape their career. But there is one thing common in all of these people who have to get benefit in their life someone has helped them. However, not everyone is as lucky as those persons are, so who will help them? There are some children who got more than 75% in 10th and 12th board exams but don’t have the financial condition to study further. But eventually, they have got a chance to proceed to further in their life with the help of Nabatara NGO. Our members like Susmita Saha, Swarnali Mitra, Poulami Ghosh, Krishna Koli Nandi, Suchandra Saha, Dipanwita Maitra, Paramita Bhowmik, Poli Hira and many more have always spread their helping hands to our organization.

This is not very uncommon in our society that we have seen people who are brilliant but due to the poor conditions could not get what they want in their life and sometimes they even fail to get their education properly. This is the reason to give a helping hand to those children who want to study further but due to their family situation don’t able to make it. Nabatara NGO offered a helping hand, a noble gesture to help the society in the best way possible.
Education is now really become dear than any other thing and on the other hand, this is the only way which can give children a better future and our society gets an education and independent generation. This is the reason Nabatara NGO has come up with this plan to help the students by giving them scholarships for one year who has successfully passed and got a decent marks in of 10th and 12th standard that can help them to achieve their dream easily.

Nabatara NGO spearheaded by Gaurav Tribedi, leaves no stone unturned to help those who deserve a chance and cannot have it due to their financial conditions. Therefore, if you also want to be a part of this great plan then you can also lend a helping hand of yours as no one will become poor by giving, rather it can give a peace of mind and contentment.

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